Who am I?

The children call me “Miss Catherine” these days as I wear my current choice of hat from the many in my wardrobe, Education Fellow at an academic art museum in the northeastern-most state of the country. I am a maker, teacher, studier, and enthusiast of the arts. I live on coffee, thrive on fine art, am passionate about urban education and the 21st century classroom. I’m fascinated by fashion, architecture, geography, hip hop culture, history, and any combination of the above. I have a degree in Art Education from VCUarts, the nation’s top public school for art and design. Studying art satisfies my curiosity and teaching kids keeps me humble. Nothing else makes me happier than using visual art to help people step out of the box and adjust their lens on life to explore the universe in new, interesting, thought provoking ways. 

Catherinelivesart is way for me to do just that. Every life experience changes how you view what you see. Through my Fellowship I look at, think about, and write about new types of art all day every day. This blog is a way for me to keep track of the lessons I teach, the artists I meet, the images and ideas that capture my eye and intrigue my soul. 

Happy Reading.

Thought, Comments, Feedback, etc. are greatly appreciated 🙂


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